Your Citrus Saturday Toolkit

Your Citrus Saturday Toolkit includes:

  • Teaching workbooks & guides to use in your workshops
  • Teaching videos to use in your workshops
  • Market Stall Kit to build a professional lemonade stand
  • Impact Measurement Tool to assess your learning 


Use the Workbook in your workshops to plan the citrus drinks business, then Participants can use the Stock Checklist to request items from you. There are template posters and certificate for you to edit and use if you need them.



Use the Citrus Saturday Workbook to plan your business

PDF / 938KB

Organisers' Handbook

Use the Handbook to help you play your workshops and market stalls

PDF / 1.4MB

Stock Checklist

Participants use the Stock Checklist to request items from you for their stalls. You decide the prices you charge them!

PDF / 175KB

Food Hygiene & First Aid Guide

Use the video on YouTube and this guide to ensure you’re covered!

PDF / 175KB


Template certificates and posters for you to use

Poster template 1

Doc / 1.2MB


Doc / 3.7MB

Share Certificate

Doc / 5.6MB

Poster template 2

Doc / 1.2MB


Extend your workshops and plan in more detail with the guides below. Our YouTube channel has many helpful videos - use the Videos Guide to help you find them."

Extras Book

Extra content for your workshops if you want to extend them

PDF / 948KB

Videos Guide

Use this Guide to find the videos on our YouTube channel

PDF / 1.3MB

Scenarios Worksheet

Some scenarios to think about and plan for, if you decide you want to

PDF / 1.2MB


Children learn with Citrus Saturday in many different countries, below are some of the translated Workbooks.

Once you've registered with us we'll send you your Market Stall Kit - everything you need to set up a professional, safe and attractive Citrus Drinks stand with your participants. Email to register.