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Corporate opportunities 

Help us to help young people whilst helping yourself. 

UCL (University College London) has created Citrus Saturday, a global youth entrepreneurship education programme. It is already running activities in countries across Europe and Africa, educating hundreds of young people - and growing fast.

Citrus Saturday needs corporate sponsors

If you think your business can help us further with the programme, have a look at our corporate sponsorship and social responsibility opportunities: 

  • We'll introduce you to someone who can help
  • We’ll provide a space for a lemonade stand
  • We’ll donate equipment or consumables
  • Our organisation will use the Toolkit with the young people we work with
  • We’ll sponsor some Toolkits (£250 each)

To pledge your support, please email indicating how you think you could help.

Imagine the impact you could have by supporting our work! Thank you.