By participating in Citrus Saturday, you'll learn:

  • Develop a tasty and profitable recipe for your citrus drinks
  • Think like an entrepreneur and develop your brand
  • Create a marketing campaign to raise public awareness about your business
  • Design and build a business stand on which you will sell your citrus products
  • Choose a pitch
  • Sell your citrus products to the public
  • Work out how much profit you’ve made!

Then – best of all – you get to keep any profits you’ve made and spend them on whatever you want. This may sound new and exciting right now, but you probably have more business skills than you realise. After all, how many of you have not compared prices in different shops when you want to buy a DVD or a pair of trainers so you can get the best deal? That’s doing business!

Encourage your school, youth club, faith group or community centre to apply for a Citrus Saturday Toolkit so you can get started right away!


Citrus Saturday Best Bits