Citrus Saturday has been designed to be a fun programme, allowing young people to experience business and entrepreneurship first-hand. Organisers are welcome to use the Toolkit with any age and adapt it acordingly. We've seen it work well with ages 9 to 25!

We provide you with your Citrus Saturday Toolkit, containing everything you need to run your teaching workshops and activities.

Your teaching workshops can be as short or long as you want (a total of around 6 to 10 hours is common) and can be run in various settings - be as flexible and imaginative as you want!

Here are some examples of settings in which Citrus Saturday can work: 

  • business studies lessons
  • after-school clubs and extra-curricular activities
  • work experience week
  • summer schools
  • youth club activities 

The teaching workbooks and guides contain lots of ideas for your workshops, but you don’t have to do them all - just use the ones you want. You might want to integrate the learning with other things you’re doing, like an Enterprise Club, community engagement activity or mentoring programme - older participants can mentor the younger ones.

We suggest recruiting some volunteers to help out in the workshops and on your sales day/s. 2 adults for each group of 4 or 5 young entrepreneurs should be able to ensure things go well. This volunteering role has proved very popular with parents, local businesses and local university students.

Once you’ve recruited your volunteers, we provide everything else you need!


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